002 Pick Johnny’s Brain: What kind of starter pack do I need to get more gigs?

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I’ve been playing for about 30 years, in various bands but just for fun or one-off gigs mostly. I now want to do more serious and directed performing of covers and originals. What’s a good “Starter Pack” press kit marketing package to get into venues, gigs, etc.?Website, CDs, Social media, call or email venues and ask what they want when hiring artists? – Joel Dusek

It’s time for another episode of “Pick Johnny’s Brain.” We’ve had so many incredible questions! Keep them coming climbers! If you’d like to submit a question for Johnny to answer on this portion of the C.L.I.M.B. podcast, please email info@daredevilproduction.com and put “Pick Johnny’s Brain.” In the title. 

This episode is one you DO NOT WANT TO MISS. Johnny digs some very good questions. The answers might just help you in your journey. 

PS: Download a free copy of Johnny’s marketing PDF 21 Biggest Reasons You Don’t Have More Fans today. Just go to GiftFromJohnny.com and tell him where to send it.

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