Rick Monroe is an indie artist that grossed over $400,000 touring last year. He’s has many sponsorships, not the least of which is Monster Energy Drinks.

He also handles all the marketing and touring logistics himself. He’s a self-proclaimed “Army of One”. 

You’ll learn a ton about how to optimize your social media efforts getting more results for less time as I accept Rick’s challenge and dive into how we can improve his marketing efforts. 

Rick’s website: https://rickmonroe.com

Rick’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/rickmonroe

Rick’s Podcast “Road Life”: https://www.rickmonroe.com/road-life-podcast.html

PS: if your social media suffers because you’re starved for time, then schedule a consultation today and we’ll dive into streamlining your efforts and show you how to grow your audience. Email us at info@daredevilproduction.com and put CONSULTATION in the subject line. 

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