014 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: How To Define Your Audience

Daredevil Production artists have a bigger fan base, social media footprint, and more engagement from actual fans than almost all major label artists who are not famous. How do we do it?

Before you can expand your audience, you’ll need to know exactly who they are. Rap fans, Country fans, Rock fans, are not specific enough. One of the reasons you’re frustrated with the growth of your audience is because you’re likely spending precious time and money on the wrong accounts.

Listen to Lexi and Johnny discuss some tricks you can use to help you define your audience better. Once their defined you can find them and target them. You’ll grow your fan base a lot quicker if you’re targeting the right people to begin with.

PS: Imagine how big your audience could be one year from now if you had a specific, customized strategy to define, target, and grow your audience. We can teach you exactly what we do to help our artists connect with their future fans. Schedule a consultation today by emailing us at info@daredevilproduction.com and put CONSULTATION in the subject line. We’ll set something up get your accounts growing immediately with real people who like you and your music.

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