023 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: How to Discover Your Brand

What EXACTLY is your brand? Why should you know how to articulate this seemingly simple question?

Just about every indie artist is vague on how to describe their brand. Fans latch on to your brand as much, or in some cases, even more than your music. The artist’s music and their brand stand for something that consumers relate to. YOUR BRAND PROVIDES MANY DIFFERENT WAYS FOR CONSUMERS TO INSTINCTIVELY RECOGNIZE EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE. Oh, and if you think your brand is just about marketing, you’re way off base. When an artist is enlightened on their brand, it strongly influences the artistic decisions as well, like what songs you’ve written are for you, image, production, arrangement, etc. 

Every time we on-board a new client at Daredevil Production, part of our job description is to discover the artist’s brand and their brand layers. The information we acquire from this exercise provides all the answers we need to targeting, content creation, and strategy creation. 

Here’s the thing, your brand is like an onion, there’s more than meets the eye and it’s in the form of many different layers. We developed a very effective system for not only peeling these layers and getting to the core of our new artist’s brand but uncovering the subtle undertones that consumers will relate to.

In this episode we’re going to share this system with you! Over the years we have created and refined an extensive questionnaire that reveals the core values and understated coatings of intent, meaning, and direction for our artists. In fact, we’re going to give you this questionnaire we developed as a free download.  

Just visit DaredevilProduction.com/DiscoverYourBrand and tell us where to send it. 

PS:Imagine what it will feel like to wake up tomorrow and know exactly who your audience is and how to effectively get them to like you. The more you discover your brand and clearly understand how to connect with people online through your brand, the quicker you’re going to make a living in the music industry. Help me help you. Schedule a consultation call today and we will help you clarify everything so you’re not wasting time. Every second you spend growing your audience is maximized. Email us a info@daredevilproduction.com and put CONSULTATION in the subject line. 

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