031 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: End Of An Era!!

MAJOR changes have happened at Daredevil Production that directly affect the Expand Your Brand mini-sode series of this podcast. 

Get ready for a REALLY cool new make-over that will be interactive in helping CLIMBers tighten up their social media efforts.

Our new mini-sode “pullout” episodes will be called Social Media Challenge. YOU email your social media links to info@daredevilproduction.com and I’ll set up a time for me to give 5 minutes worth of quick pointers and value bombs about your specific accounts. The best part is that it costs you nothing. 

Listen in for all the details.

PS: As always, we are available to you privately for an in-depth assessment of your digital marketing efforts via consultation. We can customize a social media strategy for you that will result in a “to do” list that you can easily execute every day. You’ll see an immediate positive change in the size of your following and the engagement level. 

Schedule a consultation now by emailing us at info@daredevilproduction.com and put CONSULTATION in the subject line.

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