042 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Different Than I Remember”

What is like during the first 15 minutes of a pro write on Music Row? 

ANSWER: Just like this episode.

Brent & Johnny execute a quick 15-minute creative exercise to develop 4-5 different lyric concepts for the song title “Different Than I Remember”. 

If you’re a songwriter, you’ll absolutely LOVE this miniseries. 

As always, all the song titles are submitted by CLIMBers (listeners of the podcast). If you have a title or many titles that you’d like to submit to be on the SONG TITLE CHALLENGE miniseries, please email as many as you like to info@daredevilproduction.com and put SONG TITLE CHALLENGE in the subject line. 

If you’d like to apply the song title challenge exercise privately with Brent or if you’d like some input on preparing/repairing your song lyrics, schedule a coaching session today. Go to SongwritingPro.com/coaching and pick your time. 

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