044 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Cold Shoulder To Cry On”

Have you ever wondered what the first 15 minutes of a pro songwriting session are like?

In this super-fun, creative miniseries, CLIMBers send in their song titles to info@daredevilproduction.com (please put SONG TITLE CHALLENGE in the subject line). Johnny springs the title to Brent live on the podcast. Then, for about 15 minutes they brainstorm on 4-5 different conceptual approaches to writing lyrics for the song title. 

In this mini-sode, the song title is “Cold Shoulder To Cry On”. If there is a concept that Brent and Johnny missed, PLEASE comment on the social media post and add your input. 

PS: If you’d like to explore this SONG TITLE CHALLENGE creative experience privately, or if you’d like some lyrical help on your song, schedule a coaching session with Brent today. Go to SongwritingPro.com/coaching and pick your time. 

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