122: Are You Lying To Yourself?

Have you ever said you don’t have time to do (blank) in your artist career? Have you ever said or thought you can’t afford this or that?

This one phrase will quickly clarify what you really want as an artist.

The answer will either provide peace in your current career accomplishments or cause you to rethink your approach (which will bring a different kind of peace because you’re making moves towards your greater artistic goals).

Imagine how GREAT it would feel to see actual momentum and growth in your artist career. You’re smarter than you think but you’re probably frustrated because you’re wasting valuable time and money with an ineffective plan. A one-on-one consulting session with Johnny is just the ticket. Together we can craft a growth strategy that is customized to your unique artistic and budgetary situation. You CAN INNOVATE your way into success!

Schedule an appointment today at info@daredevilproduction.com and put CONSULTATION in the subject line.

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