170: The Power of Congregations

How did Johnny grow an artist’s Twitter account from 27 followers to over 5,000 followers with over 2,000 downloads of the artist’s single in under 3 months?

ANSWER: Using the power of congregations.

Have you unleashed the sheer power of congregations when you’re growing your audience?

As humans we all congregate. We want to, heck, we NEED to congregate. Once an artist understands how, why, and where people congregate, it’s real easy to connect with future fans and develop a relationship. 

In this episode, Johnny and Brent explain the power of congregations and how you can tap into this amazing power to grow your fanbase.

PS: Imagine the power you would possess if you could double or triple your productivity trying to get your music heard.

Schedule a consultation today and Johnny will engineer a custom strategy to ensure that every minute you spend getting your art in front of new eyeballs is optimized and working brilliantly. 

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