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029: 5 Things Songwriters Should Quit

Listen as Brent and Johnny discuss 5 important things that songwriters should quit if they want to succeed.

Believe it or not, quitting some behaviors will help you get ahead.

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028: 10 Reasons Not To Give Up (part 2)

Listen now as Johnny and Brent discuss numbers 6-10 as to why you should never give up on your dream.


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027: Let Your Title Write Your Song

What a concept!

Listen to Brent and Johnny discuss how a songwriter really needs to hear how a title can write your song.

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026: 10 Reasons Not To Give Up

The new music business is truly about the ART and TALENT you don’t need permission anymore.

Listen to Johnny and Brent discuss the first 5 of 10 reasons why it’s worth it NOT to give up on your dream.

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3 025: 7 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Song’s Emotional Power

Listen to Brent and Johnny discuss 7 common songwriting mistakes that will ruin the emotional power of your song.

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