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068: Own The Information

Listen to Johnny and Brent discuss how companies like Spotify and Pandora are making all the money doing what artists and labels won’t; Collecting contact data. Artists will empower themselves if they just connect directly with their fans.

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067: It Takes A Lot Of Swings To Get A Hit

Listen to Brent and Johnny discuss how you shouldn’t give up on anybody who passes on your song. You can’t give up! It’s all about relationships.


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066: Intelligent Design

Listen to Johnny and Brent discuss how your career can explode with just a little intelligent design.

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065: 6 Songwriting Tiebreakers

Listen to Brent and Johnny discuss how if it comes down between your song and another song, these 6 things will put your song over the top and get you the cut.


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064: Create Your Own Destiny

Listen to Johnny and Brent discuss a real situation where an amazing artist with a major label deal, hit producer, famous management, and a killer record failed to break in America due to poor marketing circumstances beyond their control.


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