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076: This 1 Question Will Save You THOUSANDS

Listen to Johnny and Brent discuss one simple question that every artist should ask before they spend a dime on anything artistically related.


Hey, you’re working hard but sometimes you feel frustrated like you’re spinning your wheels. Sometimes all you need is a personal touch. Johnny is available to you for personal consultations. Johnny will look at all your social media, website, web store (if you have one) and offer up a customized, crafted strategy to get you into growth.

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075: What’s Your Endpoint?

Listen to Brent and Johnny discuss clear and concise goals to your songwriting dreams and visions. Making sure you have the appropriate goals will keep you from selling yourself short!

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074: Understanding The Process

Listen to Johnny and Brent discuss how the process of marketing your music and artists has drastically changed in the new music business.


Feeling Stuck? Sometimes all you need is a personal touch to get you on the right track. Johnny will look over all your social media accounts, your website and your web store to offer up a crafted, custom approach that will get your momentum flowing again.

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