Monthly Archives: September 2017

085: Why It Pays To Be Terrible

Brent’s a sucky singer and can’t play guitar but he didn’t let that get in his way on the journey to becoming a hit songwriter.

This episode digs into some of the different strategies we used to grow as artists and how we’re terrible at some things you think we should be good at.


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084: What Are You Doing?

Success in anything will be a direct result of the amount of work and thought put into it. When artists say they “don’t have time” and then take a long hard look back at their day to day activities, they see that they do have time, but they’re choosing to spend it elsewhere.

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083: How To Make People Want To Hear Your Song

If you’re not a hit songwriter this episode will teach you some of the best ways to get publishers and producers to want to hear your song.


PLUS, there is a great SONG TITLE CHALLENGE pull out in this episode.

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082: This Secret Will Transform Your Career

Want to transform your career to actually make a living at your dream job? There is a Paradigm Shift in the music industry. The market has changed and the industry hasn’t, thus, sales are drastically down.

Artists who can recognize this change and ADAPT will TOWER over the competition.

Many other industries have already experienced this market shift that is attributed to the internet. SPOILER ALERT: they all reacted the same way.