Monthly Archives: October 2017

090: 5 Networking Hacks

How does a guy meet 40 engineers for the first time in a conference room and then 2-hours later remember every single one of their names? This episode will give you 5 different methods for the ultimate networking trick; remembering names.

Remembering someone’s name is an incredible gesture to show them that you care and THAT’S what your new contact will take away from your introduction. They’ll remember how you made them feel.

Most artists finish recording their project but don’t feel the love from new fans because they fail to effectively market their music. Daredevil Production is the fastest growing music marketing company in Nashville and we’re available for affordable one-on-one consultations.

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088: You’ll Die If You Get Hung Up On The How

Being a good researcher is awesome right up until the point it becomes an excuse for not taking action. Execution is king. In this episode, learn how to focus on execution and create real momentum!

Listen, you want to become the artist or songwriter everybody loves, but you may be feeling a little stuck. A concentrated one-on-one consultation is just what the doctor ordered to get the momentum going!

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086: Cash Me Ousside Girl

Why did Danielle Bregoli, AKA Bhad Bhabie, AKA Cash Me Ousside Girl get a huge record deal with Atlantic Records?


You’re a good artist, but the music business has changed so that it’s difficult to cut through the clutter. You know you need social media but you’re not sure how to optimize it to help you grow your audience.

The answers are different for every artist so a one-on-one consultations are extremely productive and can change your momentum overnight.

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