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SONG TITLE CHALLENGE 003: “Baby Blue Lies”

Brent dissects the song title, “Baby Blue Lies”. There is always a great education and insight as to how the mind of a hit songwriter will prepare to write a song title.

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098: Separate The Emotion From The Event

Why is it that you have no emotional concerns with any kind of failure at your day gig, but you’re paralyzed with fear of failure in your artist career?

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097: Building A Hit – Luke Bryan’s “Light It Up”

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What you’ll learn:

  1. How To Find Great Song Titles
  2. How To Kill Writer’s Block
  3. How To Focus Ideas For Maximum Impact
  4. How To Frame Your Song For Maximum Commercial Appeal
  5. How To Finish Your Song

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096: Interview with CLIMBer Johnathan Cochran

How did a CLIMB listener make the jump and grow his music business enough to make a living at it?

How did a CLIMB listener create YouTube videos with 20,000 + views?

We interviewed Johnathan Cochran because we think you could learn a lot from his tactics on being a professional indie artist.

If you’d like to transform into a professional artist but you’re having trouble, getting stuck, or just plain frustrated, sometimes some personal attention is all that is required to get you going.

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095: How To Write A Good Song And Still Lose

You have a better chance of booking a second co-write with an artist if you have a ‘good song’ and a GREAT time than with a ‘great song’ and a BAD time.” Brent discloses a situation where he wasn’t asked back to write because he didn’t win over the artist even though they wrote a killer song that she put on hold.

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