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103: 7 Ways Songwriters Can Stay Motivated

Are you feeling burnt out? Maybe frustrated with your writing at the moment? Well, this episode is for you. Brent and Johnny discuss 7 ways to keep yourself motivated and moving forward.

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102: What If The Label Says YES?

What if the label or publishing company says YES? Most artists and songwriters think they’d be home free.

But would you be?

Find out in this intriguing episode!

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2 101: How To Get Through The Closed Doors of The Music Business

Most indie artists and songwriters feel frustrated because they can’t get access to the professionals that could help their careers. This episode will tackle a few different methods for getting yourself in the right room and gaining momentum in your career.

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099: The Value of Writer-Producer Relationships

The music business, like every other business, is all about relationships. Brent shares some experiences he’s had with a few valuable relationships that have propelled his songwriting career.


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