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107: 4 Reasons A Publisher Won’t Meet With You

If you’re feeling frustrated with your songwriting career or left out of the game, then this episode is for you.

Brent and Johnny discuss 4 reasons publishers won’t take a meeting.


If you have great songs but you’re having trouble getting anyone to listen to them, then you need to submit a song to Songwriting Pro’s “Play For Publisher” Event by February 28, 2018. The host will be hit publisher Courtney Allen from BMG music. Get on the list to be updated about this by going to You’ll get a free ebook THINK Like A Pro Songwriter and all the details about the event.

6 008 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Beautiful Scars”

Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter.

Listen to how Brent would approach writing the title, “Beautiful Scars” submitted by CLIMBer, Greg Shively. Thanks, Greg!

If you have a song written and would like to improve it, or if you have a title and would like some one-on-one coaching with Brent to improve and learn, reach out at and schedule an appointment today.

106: News You Can Use

If you’ve been worried about Facebook taking down your music posts and your account then this episode is for you.

How has Facebook changed their rules to help you get more views on your music?

How will the recent announcement that Best Buy will no longer carry CD’s as of July 1, 2018 affect your career and the decisions you make?

Find out in this episode as Johnny and Brent discuss these recent events in depth.

The book I mentioned in this episode is Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. Excellent book!

Are you frustrated with your artist career? Many times we feel really stuck but a simple tweak can make all the difference in the world and get momentum back in your life.

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105: Hit Song Study

Have you really listened to the lyrics on current hits? Listen to Brent and Johnny dig deep into the lyrics from “Written In The Sand” by Old Dominion, “Marry Me” by Thomas Rhett, and “Round Here Buzz” by Eric Church.

Would you like to get in touch with a professional hit publisher and get your song(s) heard?

March 19th, 2018 is the next Songwriting Pro “Play For Publisher” event with Courtney Allen from BMG Music.

If you’d like to submit a song for consideration, get on the list by downloading Brent’s free ebook THINK Like A Pro Songwriter. Go to and tell him where to send it.

007 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “The Only Heart You Had Was Mine”

Want to get inside the mind of a hit songwriter? Listen to Brent and Johnny dissect the song title “The Only Heart You Had Was Mine”. You’ll see exactly how Brent would approach writing this song from multiple different angles. THIS IS FUN!

If you have a title that you’d like to submit for STC, please send it to and put SONG TITLE CHALLENGE in the subject line so it gets in the correct folder. FYI, this is a free, fun, creative exercise so you maintain 100% of the song this is NOT A CO-WRITE.

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104: Interview With Tom Jackson (Live Performance Coach To The Stars)

1 week after Tom Jackson finished producing Taylor Swift’s live show, her merch sales skyrocketed 600%!!

THIS is the power of a well-crafted live performance, even for a singer/songwriter in a coffee house. Tom’s work is the missing piece to master connecting to an audience and keeping them in the palm of your hand. It’s about creating moments.  You can learn more by visiting

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