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4 003 Expand Your Brand: Tips For Content Inspiration (When You’re Not Inspired)

If you’re posting enough content and you often feel uninspired, then this episode is for you.

Lexi discusses a few tricks she uses to keep the clever content flowing for Daredevil Production artists.

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111: An Artist Is A Brand Are YOU Brand Conscious?

Probably the biggest Cardinal sin songwriters and artists commit is ignoring the importance of brands and branding.

As a songwriter, you need to be acutely aware of the artists brand that you’re pitching to. Submitting songs that fit the brand make YOU look more professional and increases your chance of a cut for obvious reasons.

As an artist, if you’re optics and image don’t match the music you’ll confuse the audience. This means you won’t grow one.

In this episode, Brent and Johnny dive into branding in an attempt to make YOU more brand conscious.

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Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter. Listen to how Brent Baxter would approach writing a song called “Is It True?”. This one is cool because we tackle about 4 or 5 different conceptual angles.

If you’re interested in becoming the best songwriter you can be, then hanging with hit songwriters will be a key factor in your journey. Imagine what you could learn!

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110: Interview with Wilkes (Current The Voice Contestant)

How did Wilkes get from a Christian band in Georgia all the way to becoming a favorite contestant on NBC’s The Voice and how is he prepared to optimize the attention?

Brent and Johnny interview this talented artist and uncover some amazing revelations that all artists should hear.

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002 Expand Your Brand: 3 Awesome Apps For Content Creation

If your visual image content needs to look more professional, then this minisode is for you. Lexi and Johnny discuss 3 killer apps they use regularly to create content for Daredevil Production clients.

The apps we discussed were Canva, Picmonkey, Typorama, and Giphy.

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109: Olympic Gold & Songwriter Platinum

Like the Olympics, you’re competing in an international market when the goal is to be a songwriter or an artist!

The struggle is REAL.

Listen to Brent and Johnny discuss some of the Olympic medal hopefuls and the struggles they went through to succeed.

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Want to get inside the mind of a hit songwriter?

You won’t believe what Brent came up with to approach writing a song called “Roommates”.

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108: Interview w/ Grammy-Winning Engineer Zach Allen

Have you ever wondered how someone goes from “wanting” to be an engineer to winning a Grammy? Hear Zach Allen discuss how he made the transformation from a wannabe to winning the Grammy for best engineering on a Contemporary Blues Record on the Taj Mahal/Keb Mo release TajMo.

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