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115: Your Song’s First Line REALLY Needs This

The first line of the song is mission-critical to the listener wanting to hear the second line.

This episode focuses on what you must do to keep the listener interested.


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012: SONG TITLE CHALLENGE – “A Whisper of Peace”

Ever wonder what 4-5 different conceptual approaches toward lyrics on a specific song title look like?

Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter and find out.

In this minisode, Brent and Johnny dive into the song title “A Whisper of Peace”. They dropped 4-5 different ways to write it.

Are you curious to see how they did it?

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114: Without This They May Not Take You Seriously

Talent is one thing. Professionalism is another. It’s NOT just about the song. It’s also about the recording. A professional recording shows people you don’t know that you’re a professional.

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004 Expand Your Brand – 5 Instagram Branding Hacks

Have you ever been confused by exactly what a brand is? These 5 hacks will help you become a ninja on all your social media platforms, not just Instagram.

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113: How To Make Your Ballads More Radio Ready

Every songwriter writes a ton of ballads, but these tricks and strategies will ensure that you’re beating out your competition.

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Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter!

In this minisode, Brent Baxter crafts 4 or 5 different ways to conceptually approach the song title, “Train Wreck”.

You think you know where he’d go with it but you’d be wrong.

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112: It’s Not Your Fault

Too many people confuse fault with responsibility. Oftentimes, something that happens is not your fault but it IS your responsibility to fix it, deal with it, and/or process it if you’re going to function as a human being and as an artist.

Learn the difference between these two in this episode.

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