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120: The Difference Between Radio & Online Marketing

If you’ve ever felt like your spinning your wheels getting your music out there, it’s probably because you’re marketing online like they market music on the radio. They’re DIFFERENT.

Learn the differences in this episode and get your marketing back on track.

Imagine what you’d feel like if a large fan base absolutely LOVED your music. A few simple tweaks are sometimes all that is necessary to get people to discover you but every artist is different!

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007 Expand Your Brand: 5 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Audience Without Spending A Dime

You can grow your Facebook audience without spending money. Here are 5 ways to work a little more and grow, grow, GROW!

Imagine how your artistic career will transform after you quickly learn to optimize your time. You’ll grow your audiences and brand quicker when you have a strategy customized to your specific strengths and needs.

Become more efficient in your DIY efforts with a small, inexpensive consultation to learn quicker.

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119: Is Pitching To A Publisher A Waste of Time?

OMGosh!! Somebody wrote a blog saying that “Pitch to Publisher” events are a waste of time and money because the songwriter likely won’t get a single-song contract out of the deal. You won’t BELIEVE Brent’s reaction to this!

If you want an opportunity to play your songs for a hit publisher, then Brent’s Play For Publisher event can make that wish a reality. To get on the list and submit a song, download Brent’s free eBook Think Like A Pro Songwriter and you’ll be notified with instructions.

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118: LIVE From The CLIMB Conference

If you’ve ever questioned whether you can break out as an artist or a songwriter from a remote location (aka your small town), then this episode is for you.

The first ever CLIMB Conference was held in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 4-5, 2018.

Imagine how BIG your audience could grow if you learned how to optimize the time & money you spend marketing your music.

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006 Expand Your Brand: Social Media Is A Cocktail Party

This one simple tweak can move you from frustration and stagnation on your social media accounts to movement & growth.

Imagine how much your audience would grow with just a small amount of guidance from the experts. Schedule a consulting appointment today and customize a strategy to transform you into the artist that everybody loves. Email us at with the subject line “Consulting” and we’ll set something up.

117: What Really Happens In A Publisher Meeting

Have you ever wondered what happens inside a real publisher meeting? Listen to Brent break down all the things that the publisher may do and/or say.


If you’re frustrated because you have great songs but zero connections in the industry, then Brent’s quarterly “Play For Publisher” event could change your life. Get your amazing songs heard by a hit publisher. For details, download Brent’s free book Think Like A Pro Songwriter and get in the loop. Go to


013: SONG TITLE CHALLENGE “Long After Dawn”

Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter. In this episode Brent and Johnny craft 3-5 conceptual approaches to the song title “Long After Dawn”

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116: The Unbelievable POWER of Social Proof

Social Proof determines how you behave, how you think, what you purchase, and what artists you like. You IDENTIFY with certain artists because your tribe identifies with them.

So How can an indie artist use this incredible power of persuasion to increase merch sales, and grow a fan base?

If you’re feeling like you could be more efficient or working smarter on the marketing piece of your artistic puzzle, then contact us for help. Schedule an appointment today by sending an email to with the subject line CONSULTATION and we’ll respond ASAP.

You’ll be amazed at how much your