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129: Rhyming Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Song

Are you chasing rhymes and ending up with boring mediocre lyrics? Listen to Brent and Johnny discuss some common mistakes that songwriters make and how to avoid them. Bottom line, this episode will make you a better songwriter.

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019 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Faith and Consequences”

Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter.

Listen to Brent and Johnny craft 4-5 conceptual approaches for writing the lyrics to the song title “Faith and Consequences”.

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128: It’s Not About You

The reason your social media efforts are lackluster is because most artists social media feeds are all about the artist…look-at-me, look-at-me, look-at-me,look-at-me. What’s in it for the consumer who doesn’t know you from a can of paint?

This episode will focus on the concepts you need to master to be a ninja at connecting with your audience. It’s a relatively simple tweak but you’ll see a massive and immediate change in your engagement.

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011 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: 5 Wording Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Be a ninja on your social media. Most indie artists (and major label artists for that matter) are making these same 5 word mistakes when they’re posting on social media.

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127: How To Stay Focused On Your Songwriting

If you’ve ever felt like your drifting aimlessly or just unmotivated on your songwriting, then this episode is for you. Listen to Brent and Johnny discuss some tricks you can use to stay focused and consistent on your songwriting craft.

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018 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “American Do Attitude”

Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter. Listen to Brent and Johnny craft 4-5 conceptual approaches to writing the song title “American Do Attitude”.

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126: How To Predict Success

Why is it that everybody (including artists) have a false belief that their talent will equal success? Your talent alone will absolutely NOT make you successful. Artists attribute their lack of success to a lack of money, help, connections, access, etc. but while these things certainly help, tons of artists have made it without one or more of these items.

But every successful artist, regardless of their talent and their story, possesses this one thing. Listen now to learn what you need to succeed.

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010 Expand Your Brand: 5 OMG MUST-HAVE Content Apps

These 5 MUST HAVE content creation apps will dramatically improve your content, your reach, and your engagement across all social media platforms.

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125: 7 Things Every Lyricist Should Know

If you’re a songwriter looking to improve your game, then this episode is a MUST. These 7 pieces of information are clutch for every songwriter. You’ll revisit this episode multiple times moving forward today.

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