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014 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: How To Define Your Audience

Daredevil Production artists have a bigger fan base, social media footprint, and more engagement from actual fans than almost all major label artists who are not famous. How do we do it?

Before you can expand your audience, you’ll need to know exactly who they are. Rap fans, Country fans, Rock fans, are not specific enough. One of the reasons you’re frustrated with the growth of your audience is because you’re likely spending precious time and money on the wrong accounts.

Listen to Lexi and Johnny discuss some tricks you can use to help you define your audience better. Once their defined you can find them and target them. You’ll grow your fan base a lot quicker if you’re targeting the right people to begin with.

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133: 5 Ways To Run A Publisher Meeting

Have you ever wondered how you’d act in a publisher meeting? What should you do to stack the deck in your favor and make the publisher like you and your songs? Here are 5 ways to take control over a publisher meeting that will ensure they never forget you.

Here’s your chance to get in front of a pro publisher and get your songs heard. Brent is hosting another “Play For Publisher” event with VP of Creative for Ole Music, John Ozier. Even if you want to listen in and be a fly on the wall while John critiques the other writer’s songs, this is an amazing opportunity.

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021 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Plastic Jesus On The Dash”

Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter.

FYI, you won’t believe where this one goes! Listen to Brent and Johnny craft 4-5 different conceptual approaches to writing the lyrics for a song called “Plastic Jesus On The Dash”.

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132: Sheryl Crow’s Last Album

Why did Sheryl Crow announce she will no longer be recording albums and how on earth does that affect you as an indie artist? Listen to Johnny and Brent break it all down for you in this episode.

You know what you know, but do you know what you don’t know? You can change that immediately so you work smarter and spend less growing your audience.

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013 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: Defining Your Brand

Most indie artists are unaware of their brand and consequently, their social media is confusing to consumers. If you confuse, you lose.

Artists are always talking about their “brand” but how do you really define it? Listen to Lexi and Johnny discuss some cool ways that will help you define your brand so that your messaging can be clear. Mastering this will easily separate you from all the other indie artists!

PS: Marketing and branding can be sophisticated tasks for an artist to tackle. The more educated you are, the more effective you are getting the most out of every minute and every dollar spent.

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131: Should I Copyright My Song?

You have a bunch of songs but when should you copyright them to protect yourself? Listen in to Brent and Johnny discuss a few pointers to ensure that you’re protected and you’re not spending money you don’t need to.

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020 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Till The River”

Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter.

Listen to Brent and Johnny craft 4-5 different conceptual approaches for writing lyrics to the song title, “Till The River” (edited from “I Had You Beat Till The River”).

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130: Who’s Holding You Down?

One of the hardest lessons that EVERYBODY has to learn as they climb the ladder of success is how and when to let go of certain friends and/or family that are holding you back. Listen to Johnny bare his soul about the pain of terminating a toxic relationship.

Snoop Dogg “The Gap” video:

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You’re probably selling too much. You might be coming off as obnoxious on your feeds, like the person you just met at a party that can’t stop talking about themselves. This minisode will teach you a couple guidelines make your feeds cool, relevant, and sharable so you can grow your audience.

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