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016 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: Instagram – Make Your Friends Jealous

Instagram is all about the image(s). These SUPER CREATIVE imaging strategies and apps will help your feed stand out immediately and clarify beyond a reasonable doubt that you are an artist! Oh and they’re F U N as well!

REMEMBER: This will be a little daunting at first because it’s foreign…but once you get the hang of it all your friends will be jealous.

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Tools we discussed:

  1. Photogrid
  2. Gridpost
  3. Preview

Here are the sample Instagram feeds we were discussing on this episode








023 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Sunshine On Wheels”

Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter.

Listen to Brent & Johnny craft 4-5 conceptual approaches for writing lyrics to the song title “Sunshine On Wheels”


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136: Long Game or Short Game?

Are you looking for immediate gratification in your songwriting and/or artist career? Are you playing the long game or the short game? Are you PLANNING for the long game or the short game?

Listen to Johnny and Brent discuss the difference between the two and get your plan moving forward.

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You’ll see immediate results.

015 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: Don’t Make This Rookie Mistake

This one social media value bomb is the difference between your content looking pro or looking like a rookie. Whether your content is images or videos, it’s super easy and totally WORTH IT.


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135: Don’t Be Too Proud To Start At The Bottom

Why is money something you think is standing in your way?

J.K. Rowling, George Clooney, David Geffen, Ralph Lauren, and Oprah Winfrey all started dirt poor with absolutely nothing. Winfrey, Geffen, and Rowling are all BILLIONAIRES now. So why can’t you achieve your musical dreams?

In this episode we interview Barbara Strauss, successful concert promoter, 18-year owner of the Sarasota Blues Fest, and a major label artist manager.  Her story will blow your mind.


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134: Interview with Hacking Music Authors, John Pisciotta and Wade Sutton

Last year Spotify received 30,000 uploads per month, now they handle 20,000 song uploads per dayAdditionally, every minute of ever day the game changes on social media and digital marketing making it difficult to get ahead.

In this episode we interview John Pisciotta and Wade Sutton who are the authors of the brand new book (which is being considered as a text book at the prestigious Belmont University) Hacking Music.

This is a great conversation! HINT: Listen to the end of the podcast to learn how you can win one of 3 books that John and Wade are giving away in The CLIMB Community.


You can purchase Hacking Music right now on Amazon on THIS LINK.