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142: Interview w/ Music Biz Attorney Jeremy Brook

What’s up with the music modernization act and what does it mean to indie artists and songwriters? What are some of the most commonly asked legal questions that indie artists, musicians, singers, and songwriters have? We answered a BUNCH of them during this amazing conversation with music business attorney Jeremy Brook.

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018 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: Question Everything

How do you get a stranger on social media to care about you enough to listen to you music? You care about them first. You love them first.

The best way to accomplish that is to ask questions that will get them to respond. Listen to Lexi and Johnny discuss a bunch of different ways to get strangers to engage with you on social media.

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141: Should You Hold Back Your Best Song Ideas?

We’ve all done it. At least we’ve all thought about doing it, but does it make sense to save a killer song idea for a more quality write? Listen to Brent and Johnny break this strategy down in detail on this episode.

To be a pro, you have to think like a pro. Get a free copy of Brent’s book Think Like A Pro Songwriter by going to and telling him where to send it.

025 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Blue Blooded Rednecks”

Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter.

Brent and Johnny craft 4-5 different conceptual approaches for writing lyrics to the song title, “Blue Blooded Redneck”.

If you’d like to work with Brent privately on a Song Title Challenge exercise like this and/or have Brent coach you with the lyrics, then visit today and schedule a coaching session. Imagine what it will feel like to immediately transform your songwriting and become even more competitive.

140: Your Career Is Like Skiing

Your artist career is just like skiing. The goal isn’t to get to the bottom of the mountain, the goal is to get as many runs in as you can before the day is over.

Johnny breaks down several different marketing consultations that resulted in successful brand growth for the artists. Real World Examples. You won’t believe some of the tricky tasks…like how to market a 48-hour long concept record. Wut? Yep.

Your art is not enough. Good, compelling art is not enough to make a living doing it. You’re going to need marketing too. If you’re stuck on how to do it, schedule a consultation today and you’ll definitely move the needle. You’ll definitely expand your audience and even start creating cash flow depending on where you are on your journey.

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It’s a customized education. Now, the question is do you think of that as an expense or an investment?

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017 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: Wickedly Powerful Archetypes

Did you know Coca-Cola’s brand archetype is the Innocent? Are you aware Pepsi’s is The Jester?

Apple’s is the Outlaw, Tom Hanks is The Innocent, Jack Nicholson’s is the Outlaw, Taylor Swift’s is The Innocent.

What’s your personal archetype? What’s your artist brand archetype because it’s entirely possible they may be different.

Brands become more successful when they clearly choose, communicate and stick

to an archetype. When brands switch, they almost ALWAYS lose marketshare.

Learn a quick overview of the 12 archetypes in this episode and some great resources that will help you dig more deeply into discovering your brand archetype.


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139: Are Your Songs Road Ready?

Are your songs road ready? What the heck does that even mean?

The insights in this episode will greatly improve your chances of a getting a major cut.

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024 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Thank You For Noticing”

Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter.

Ever heard a pro songwriter riff on-the-spot conceptual ideas for lyrics to a song title that was sprung on him live? No pressure, right?

Brent and Johnny craft 4-5 different conceptual approaches to writing lyrics for the song title, “Thank You For Noticing”.


Brent can help you run through this incredibly creative exercise privately if you prefer. He can also help prepare your song or repair your song. Schedule a coaching session today and learn how to improve your craft from a pro! Go to to find availabilities.

138: How To Attract Massive Opportunity

But how’d we do it? How did we get this big break? Did we get lucky? Were we “discovered” and then everything happened really quickly? Was it nepotism?

Nope, this is the story about The C.L.I.M.B.’s climb to a partnership and platform with a much larger audience for us. We followed these simple steps. The more we work, the luckier we get.

We are excited to announce that The C.L.I.M.B. Show podcast has just partnered with Disc Makers, one of the top global platforms servicing artists, authors, filmmakers, and other content companies. The sole purpose is helping content creators get content to market and monetize it.

In this episode, we break down all the steps that happened along the way for us to gain this amazing opportunity to reach a much larger audience. HINT: It’s the same formula we’ve been preaching all along. 


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The question is, do you think of an education as an expense or an investment?