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028 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Let Me Have This One”

How would you write this one?

Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter. Brent and Johnny craft up 4-5 different approaches to writing the lyrics for the song title, “Let Me Have This One”.

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146: How An Unknown Artist Got 400 Strangers To A Gig


How did Jacob Cade, an unknown 19-year old rock artist get 400 people to show up to a gig in a town where he’s NEVER played, sell $200 in merch, AND he was opening for the opener at 8:00pm?

The short answer is the club owner and the management of the headliner couldn’t believe it either and were blown away.

Johnny breaks down the strategy that created this traffic which resulted in some pretty amazing opportunities for this artist.

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PS: Imagine what a customized creative marketing strategy could do for your career. Jacob followed the Daredevil Production strategies and bumped up to a Big management deal where they paid HIM to join their management company and put him on the road, nonstop.

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020 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: Facebook & Instagram Stories

Up your expertise on social media with this episode. Lexi and Johnny cover some different ways an artist could utilize FB stories and Instagram stories.


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145: 5 Reasons To Stop Writing with an Artist

We’re always talking about how you must keep writing. But sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor. Here are five reasons you should actually quit writing with an artist because it will end up waiting your precious time.

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027 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Empty Heartbeats”

How would you write this one?

This episode will get you inside the mind of a hit songwriter. Listen to Brent and Johnny craft up a few clever conceptual approaches to writing lyrics to the song title “Empty Heartbeats”.

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144: Why Mindset Matters

What if I told you that getting one million dollars probably wouldn’t help your artist career? Why do you think a bunch of money or a certain relationship means all your problems would be solved? Why aren’t you as unreasonably impatient about the results when you’re planting a garden or planting corn but you are about your artist career? What’s the difference?

Learn some REAL zen answers in this episode that will hopefully scramble your brains a bit.

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019 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: The Devil’s In The Details

Creating a strong, reliable, memorable brand is all about the little things. Listen to Lexi and Johnny discuss some small little details that will improve your brand and make it look more professional.


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143: Interview with Hit Songwriter, Chris Lindsey

Chris Lindsey not only wrote Lonestar’s “Amazed” but has created major hits for Taylor SwiftThe Civil WarsAdam LambertCarrie UnderwoodKenny ChesneyKellie PicklerKeith UrbanTim McGrawFaith Hill , Martina McBrideSara Evans, and many others. Lindsey has over 250 commercial recordings of his songs selling 90 Million records and counting.

We say in every CLIMB Show intro that Brent connects you with the pros. This interview with Lindsey is no exception. It’s an excerpt from one of’s Know The Row events where 60+ songwriters were live on video conference to watch this interview and ask questions directly to Chris.

There are tons of value bombs in this episode!

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026 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Sunflowers In A Hurricane”

How would you write lyrics for the song title, “Sunflowers In A Hurricane”?

Wanna get inside the mind of a hit songwriter?

In this quick minisode, Brent and Johnny craft 4-5 different conceptual approaches to “Sunflowers In A Hurricane”.

If you’d like some private coaching to prepare your song or repair your song, (or maybe you’d just like to go through this Song Title Challenge exercise with one of your titles privately), then schedule a coaching session with Brent today. Go to and pick an open time slot.