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029 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: Life Changing Engagement Hack

How do you feel about the engagement on your Instagram account? 

Could it be better?

The value of your account as well as the impact has EVERYTHING to do with the engagement and little to do with the actual number of followers. Remember, this is all about creating culture.

This Instagram engagement hack that we share with you on this episode will turn up your engagement immediately. 

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163: Passion vs. Profit

Are you writing, playing, and performing for passion or for profit?

Are they mutually exclusive concepts when it comes to your art?

When someone makes money with their art, have they sold out?

Brent & Johnny dive deep into this debate in this episode. 

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How would YOU write this one?

Brent and Johnny are under the gun when they have only 15 minutes (ish) to craft up 4-5 different conceptual approaches to writing lyrics for the song title “Love Above”. 

If you have a song title that you’d like to submit to possibly be used on the podcast, please email it to and put SONG TITLE CHALLENGE in the subject line.

PS: If you’d like to take advantage of this creative exercise privately with Brent, OR if you have a song that you’d like to repair/prepare schedule a coaching session today. Simply go to and pick your time.

162: Dive Deeper Into Your Culture

Do you struggle getting people to hear your music? Do you feel like you’re playing for the same old crowd all the time? 

In this episode, we’ll blow your mind by showing you how promotion is something you actually do every day and like doing. It’s about the hang. It’s about creating YOUR culture. Additionally, we’ll reveal how to create your culture and find new people who’ll want to listen to your music.

Download the Daredevil Production Artist Questionnaire by clicking THIS LINK

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028 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: 5 Things You Need To Ask Yourself

Are you a little confused on social media?

Do you think there are things you don’t know that could make your social media accounts more effective as an artist?

These 5 questions will change your life.

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161: Do You Need To Go To A Music School To Be Successful?

Are you hung up on thinking that you can’t be a professional songwriter, artist, or musician unless you have some kind of degree? 

In this episode, Brent and Johnny explore the reality of quality work in the music industry. Is it influenced in a positive way by education? Is it only necessary to have heart, soul, and a good work ethic? Do you need a fancy education to get ahead in the music industry or can you get a quality education for less time and less money?

Get Brent’s free ebook Think Like A Pro Songwriter today. Just visit and tell him where to send it.

035 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “6-Pack & A Prayer”

How would you write this one?

Get inside the mind of a hit songwriter as Brent & Johnny craft up 5-6 different conceptual approaches for writing lyrics to the song title, “6-Pack & A Prayer”.

If you would like to engage Brent to work with you privately on your song title or if you need to prepare/repair your song, schedule a coaching session today. Go to and pick your time.

160: Here’s Your Problem…

Here’s your problem…this is the reason you’re not finding new fans.

This episode will also eliminate, completely, your disdain for marketing your music…because it’s NOT at all about promoting yourself.

PS: Get the free download 21 Biggest Reasons You Don’t Have More Fans  Just go to and tell me where to send it. 

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027 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: What Do You Really Know About…

How much do you know about your current fans? 

How much do you know about your future fans? Do you know where they shop? What they drive? What they like to drink? 

In this mini-sode, Lexi and Johnny reveal some VERY cool places in your Facebook app that will help you learn a TON about the who, what, where, when, and why of your future fans.

PS: You have to focus on creating culture more than anything else as an artist, right now. If this term is vague to you, if you don’t know exactly how to go about creating culture and growing your audience, then schedule a consultation today. We are always happy and excited to help you craft a custom strategy that will get you immediate results.

Email us at and put CONSULTATION in the subject line. Tomorrow you’ll know exactly what to do to get into growth.