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168: How To Get From The Bars To Touring: Interview With Daredevil Production Artist Jacob Cade

How did indie artist Jacob Cade, a 17-year-old rock & roll guitar player ascend from the local rock bars in Denver, Colorado to working with legendary rock producer, Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Queen, Metallica, Motley Crue, Skid Row), to juggling tour dates on a national level?

You can learn the answer to this and more in our in-depth interview with Daredevil Production Artist, Jacob Cade.

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031 EXPAND YOUR BRAND: End Of An Era!!

MAJOR changes have happened at Daredevil Production that directly affect the Expand Your Brand mini-sode series of this podcast. 

Get ready for a REALLY cool new make-over that will be interactive in helping CLIMBers tighten up their social media efforts.

Our new mini-sode “pullout” episodes will be called Social Media Challenge. YOU email your social media links to and I’ll set up a time for me to give 5 minutes worth of quick pointers and value bombs about your specific accounts. The best part is that it costs you nothing. 

Listen in for all the details.

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167: Are You A Code-Breaker?

Just because you fancy yourself a great writer in one genre, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can easily apply that momentum to writing for another one. Different genre’s have different codes.

Brent and Johnny get into some personal stories about to bring humility and awareness when you’re writing for a new genre because the code is different.  

PS: Listen through to the end to get an opportunity to ask a hit publisher any questions you want with Brent’s “Know the Row” event. This event is free for Frettie members. 

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038 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Honkytonk Chariot”

How would YOU write this one?

CLIMBers send in song titles to (put SONG TITLE CHALLENGE in the subject line please) and Johnny springs the title live on the air to Brent. 

They’re under the gun and have to craft up 4-5 different conceptual ideas for writing the song title, “Honkytonk Chariot”. 

It’s a super-fun creative exercise that teaches writers how to dig down deeper.

PS: If you would like to explore the song title challenge with Brent privately or maybe you need to prepare or repair a song, go to and schedule a coaching session today.

166: STOP Spamming!

Are you sick of obnoxious random artists spamming your social media feeds trying to get you to listen to their music?

Do you avoid promotion of your music because you’re afraid of being this obnoxious, spammy artist?

Here’s your problem: in order to get your music in front of new eyeballs, which is MISSION CRITICAL to growing your audience, you’re going to have to consistently interrupt stranger’s social media feeds. The same way a commercial interrupts your listening experience on the radio or your viewing experience on TV.

Any debut artist with a debut single on the radio is interrupting the listeners experience as well because that artist is unfamiliar to the consumer. 

So, how do you grow your audience without spamming people?!?!

Find this out and so much more in this weeks info-packed episode.

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How exactly are you supposed to create culture?

It requires patience and some consistency.

Here are a few different ideas that work for the CLIMB Community and other communities.

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165: How Long Should It Take To Write A Song?

When do you throw in the towel?

When is it time to quit?

Some songs are written in 15 minutes and some take years; why?

Comparing yourself to other songwriters can be a deadly exercise. So how long should it take to write a song? 

Brent and Johnny go DEEP into the subject of this often asked question. There are some eye opening real world stories they share that will certainly bring a perspective to what you should be focusing on. 

Listen Now to find out. 

PS: Download Brent’s free ebook, How To Think Like A Pro Songwriter today. Just go to and tell him where to send it. 

037 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Different Shades Of You”

Hey songwriters, how would YOU write this song title?

Have you ever wondered what the first 15 minutes of a pro songwriting session is like? 

Brent and Johnny mimic this as they’re under the gun with just 15 minutes to craft 4-5 different conceptual approaches to writing lyrics for the song title “Different Shades Of You”.

PS: If you have a song title and you’d like to engage Brent privately to work up a song title challenge, or if you’d like to repair/prepare your song schedule a coaching session today.

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164: How To Be An Artist 101

Do you want to be a better artist? 

Do you aspire to be a GREAT artist?

Well life as a better artist begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Joe Rogan interviewed one of my favorite Rockstars and every single second was profound. When you find out who the Rockstar was, you’ll have a hard time believe that, but it’s true, and you won’t stop having aha moments. Johnny and Brent break down the essence of this interview because it’s all about mental focus, physical focus, and how to be a real artist 101. 

Here’s a link to the interview…I recommend watching the entire interview, even if you do it in chunks because there is SO MUCH MORE than what we covered.

PS: We want you to win! If you haven’t downloaded it already, get Johnny’s free PDF document 21 Reasons You Don’t Have More Fans by going to Read this and apply it, you’ll see results tomorrow.