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If you’re a songwriter, how would YOU write this one?

What is a genuine music row writing session like? It starts with the writers making sure they have the right concept to the title before they begin writing lyrics. 

Brent and Johnny run a fast brainstorming session in the song title challenge miniseries. They create 4-5 different approaches to writing lyrics for the song title “Kiss Me Off”.

PS: If you’d like to prepare a song or repair a song, or maybe you have a title that you’d prefer to keep private, schedule a coaching session with Brent today. Go to and pick your time. 

176: Here’s Why You’re Going To Make More Money!

Artists and songwriters, the content in this episode will bring HOPE to your career.

The game is changing and slowly but surely, the power is going to the artists and the songwriters because, ultimately, they create the traffic. 

We promise you’ll be encouraged and excited after you listen to our breakdown of the new Goldman Sachs financial forecast for the music industry. 

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Rick Monroe is an indie artist that grossed over $400,000 touring last year. He’s has many sponsorships, not the least of which is Monster Energy Drinks.

He also handles all the marketing and touring logistics himself. He’s a self-proclaimed “Army of One”. 

You’ll learn a ton about how to optimize your social media efforts getting more results for less time as I accept Rick’s challenge and dive into how we can improve his marketing efforts. 

Rick’s website:

Rick’s Instagram:

Rick’s Podcast “Road Life”:

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042 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Different Than I Remember”

What is like during the first 15 minutes of a pro write on Music Row? 

ANSWER: Just like this episode.

Brent & Johnny execute a quick 15-minute creative exercise to develop 4-5 different lyric concepts for the song title “Different Than I Remember”. 

If you’re a songwriter, you’ll absolutely LOVE this miniseries. 

As always, all the song titles are submitted by CLIMBers (listeners of the podcast). If you have a title or many titles that you’d like to submit to be on the SONG TITLE CHALLENGE miniseries, please email as many as you like to and put SONG TITLE CHALLENGE in the subject line. 

If you’d like to apply the song title challenge exercise privately with Brent or if you’d like some input on preparing/repairing your song lyrics, schedule a coaching session today. Go to and pick your time. 

174: About Your Beliefs…

Did you know that you get most of the beliefs that dictate your day-to-day behavior from the ages of 1-7 years old?

Your beliefs on self-worth, money, religion, trust, love, sex, success, value, etc. heavily influence every decision you make in your life as a person, a friend, an employee, a parent, a partner, a songwriter, and as an artist.

When was the last time you reexamined these beliefs to see if they’re still serving you well?

SPOILER ALERT: Johnny & Brent may press on some emotional bruises, scrape off a scab or two, and maybe encourage you to dig up some of your old baggage to explore if certain beliefs are holding you back from becoming the professional artist, musician, and/or songwriter you want to be.  

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003 SOCIAL MEDIA CHALLENGE: Hot Sauce Universe

Drop in on a live on-the-spot social media critique of a real indie artist.

On these episodes Johnny offers up advice on what he would do to the social media accounts if the artist was his client. 

Bottom line: Tons of VALUE BOMBS in these shows!!

This week’s artist is Hot Sauce Universe. Here are the links if you’d like to follow along. 

Please follow them and show support if you do!


Instagram: @hotsauceuniverse

Facebook: @hotsauceuniverse

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173: Country Chart Breakdown

How aware are you of what’s going on RIGHT NOW on Billboard’s Country charts?

What’s the ratio of male to female artists in the top 15?

What are the top 15 songs about?

How are they written exactly, i.e. first person? Letter to the world? Present tense? Past tense?

Brent and Johnny dissect all the songs in the top 15 songs on Billboard’s Country Chart. 

Be a student of the game. Keep your finger on the pulse of the market.

Lots to learn on this one.

Dive deeper into professional songwriting with Brent’s free ebook, Think Like A Pro Songwriter. Just go to and tell him where to send it.