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003 Pick Johnny’s Brain: “We Have A New Release Coming Out, How Do We Find And Work With A PR Company?”

What value does a PR company provide an artist on their debut release? 

How does an artist find a reputable PR company and work with them?

These are the questions submitted by CLIMBer Jay Thomason regarding the upcoming release of his debut CD.

You might be surprised at Johnny’s response to this one.  

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185: What Kind of Song Should I Play A Publisher?

“Ok songwriters, you’ve built up your song catalog and secured a meeting with a publisher. Now, how do you pick which song(s) to play? What are publishers really looking for? 

In this episode, Brent and Johnny share valuable advice straight from multiple publishers mouths. Who knows, this information may just help you secure a follow up meeting.

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047 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Alcohol Involved”

If you read this song title, on the surface it seems a little shallow and one-dimensional, but you’ll be amazed at how deep Brent and Johnny go creating multiple different conceptual ideas for writing the lyrics to “Alcohol Involved”.

How would you write this one?

If you have an idea that Brent & Johnny didn’t think of, comment on the post below.

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184: The Truth About Fake Streams & Fans

Should you buy streams and fans? Is that organic or will it hurt you?

What’s the deal with and what’s the difference between honest paid promotion and fake streams & fans. 

In this episode of the C.L.I.M.B, Johnny and Brent discuss FAKE streams, followers and fans and how it affects your success. 

If you’d like to contact our Spotify promoter, you can find them at 

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002 Pick Johnny’s Brain: What kind of starter pack do I need to get more gigs?

I’ve been playing for about 30 years, in various bands but just for fun or one-off gigs mostly. I now want to do more serious and directed performing of covers and originals. What’s a good “Starter Pack” press kit marketing package to get into venues, gigs, etc.?Website, CDs, Social media, call or email venues and ask what they want when hiring artists? – Joel Dusek

It’s time for another episode of “Pick Johnny’s Brain.” We’ve had so many incredible questions! Keep them coming climbers! If you’d like to submit a question for Johnny to answer on this portion of the C.L.I.M.B. podcast, please email and put “Pick Johnny’s Brain.” In the title. 

This episode is one you DO NOT WANT TO MISS. Johnny digs some very good questions. The answers might just help you in your journey. 

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183: Songwriting Advice From Music Publisher Joe Dan Cornett

What could you learn from getting in depth feedback from hit publisher Joe Dan Cornett on not one, but TEN different songs? 

You need to spend 33% of your in proximity to the people who are farther up the food chain than you to succeed. Here’s a great way to learn from a pro.

Get multiple value bombs in this episode of the C.L.I.M.B. as Brent and Johnny recap the recent play to publisher event with Joe Dan Cornett 

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046 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Margarita Reasons”

If you’re a songwriter, how would you write this title? What angles could you use to approach it? 

In a pro songwriting room, songwriters like to start the session brainstorming the hook to make sure they’ve chosen the best approach. Listen in as Brent and Johnny bounce around ideas for “Margarita Reasons.”

What direction will they take it?

Where would you take it? 

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182: Is The New Music Biz Really New?

We all hear talk around town about the “new” music business…Johnny and Brent are always talking about how the artist is getting more and more power and therefore need a record label less and less.

But is it really new?

Or are we just putting a brand new tag on those same old worn in pair of jeans? 

This is the question that was submitted for the new “Pick Johnny’s Brain” miniseries, both Johnny and Brent felt they should make this an entire episode.

If you’ve ever felt skeptical, burnt out, or like an outsider in the music business, this episode is a MUST LISTEN.

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001 Pick Johnny’s Brain

this is the first episode of “Pick Johnny’s Brain.” We’ve asked CLIMBers to submit music marketing questions and Johnny will be answering them on the podcast! 

If you have a music marketing question, please comment below! We’d love to answer it for you! Email your questions to and put Pick Johnny’s Brain in the subject line.

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