Episode 237: “Interview With Courtney Gregg Carnival Music.”

In this episode, we interview Courtney Gregg. Courtney serves as the VP GM for Carnival Music and has worked with artists such as Eli Young Band, Aubrey Sellers, Jedd Hughes and many more! 

Tune in as she shares her vast knowledge with the CLIMB Community! She also talks about the Thriving Roots Virtual Music Conference.

LISTEN NOW: http://bit.ly/CLIMB237

Also, check out the upcoming event Thriving Roots Virtual Community Music Conference that is coming up in September 16-18, 2020. During this conference, you will be able to be part of intimate conversations with artists/writers such as The Avett Brothers, Judd Apatow, Brandi Carlile, Ken Burns and many many more!  

Find out more about the Thriving Roots Virtual Music Conference by clicking the link below! 


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