034 SONG TITLE CHALLENGE: “Please Don’t Stop Here”

How would you write this one?

Listen to what the first 15 minutes of a pro songwriting session typically sounds like. They have a song title, “Please Don’t Stop Here” that is submitted by a member of the CLIMB Community. Then Brent & Johnny craft up multiple lyrical approaches to writing the song title before digging in. Sometimes the most obvious concept is the right one, but many times it’s not. 

If you’d like to submit a song title that Brent and Johnny might use on the air, please send it to info@daredevilproduction.com and put SONG TITLE CHALLENGE in the subject line.

If you’d like to experience this pro songwriting exercise privately and/or have Brent help you prepare, repair, or write your song, then schedule a songwriting coaching session today. Go to SongwritingPro.com/coaching.

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